Our Story

About Coolisys Technologies Corp. (“Coolisys”)

Coolisys is dedicated to providing world-class technology-based solutions for mission critical applications and lifesaving services, in which innovation is the main driver. Coolisys serves the defense-aerospace, naval, medical-healthcare, telecommunication-industrial markets and cryptocurrency power technology. Coolisys targets core markets that are characterized by “high barriers to entry” and that require specialized products and services that are not likely to be commoditized.

Coolisys has consistently proven itself to be a valuable supplier to major companies in its target markets by developing cost-effective solutions for the challenges of new product development. By combining our strengths in product design with our specially designed manufacturing facilities, Coolisys has established itself as a formidable global competitor. We are an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world. We are dedicated to providing world-class technology-based solutions for critical applications and lifesaving services, in which innovation is the main driver.

Our products are used in applications that include:


· Cloud computing data centers

· Broadcast systems & Broadband networks

· Wireless infrastructure base stations

· Equipment for semiconductor chips manufacturing

· Laboratory and diagnostic equipment

· Turbomachinery control solutions

· Packaging equipment

· Cryptocurrency mining technology


· Imaging and dispensing equipment

· Ventilators and oxygen concentrators

· Dialysis, endoscopy, surgical equipment

· Electronic hospital beds

· Medical, beauty and dental laser


· Military combat and non-combat systems

· Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) power distribution systems

· Missile control power systems

· Military armored and tactical vehicles

· Command, control and intelligence (C4I) systems

· Electronic warfare systems

· Mobile and ground communications

· Tactical networks and communications systems

· Naval power conversion, distribution, and backup solutions

· Combat and airborne power supplies

· Gyro modular azimuth position and navigation systems

Our Approach

Our synergistic “one-company” approach enables us to combine the strengths of our various divisions to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving requirements of our customers in markets that we serve. We tailor and adapt our technologies, integration approaches, market knowledge, and operationally-proven systems to each customer’s requirements for both existing and new platforms. By upgrading existing platforms with advanced technologies, we provide customers with cost-effective solutions that allow them to improve their technological and operational capabilities within limited budgets. We are experienced in providing “systems of systems,” so we can offer overall solutions in a range of areas to meet the comprehensive requirements that some customers have due to their high governmental security clearances.