Advanced Service Industries

Advanced Service Industries (ASI)

Provide technology and services to DPW Holdings wholly owned subsidiary Supper Crypto Mining, a sister company of Coolisys that create crypto currency mining facilities across the globe with the brand division Super Crypto Power.

  • Provide high-power and high-efficient switching power technology to enable mining of the top 10 crypto currencies.
  • Source the high demand miners and power supplies utilizing Coolisys’ well-established manufacturing capabilities business relationship in Asia.
  • Develop advanced blockchain-based power technology for graphics processing units (GPU) and ASIC implementations.
  • Leveraging our engineering expertise and existing global facilities (high security defense business locations) to secure our mining farms.

Manufacture High voltage, high-frequency electrical discharge plasma and laser energy to enhance textiles. Atmospheric pressure, inserted gases with a combination of plasma and photonic energy to effect material synthesis.

Key features:

  • “Green technology” Impact Investment
  • Dry process
  • Significant reduction of environmental impact (energy, chemicals, water, greenhouse gas)
  • Significant cost saving and performance improvements
  • In addition, to providing a finishing platform free of toxic chemicals, independent studies have shown MLSE reduces water consumption by 75.5%, reduces greenhouse gas over baseline by 90.9% and reduces chemical use by 94.8%.