Coolisys Technologies Corp. Announces New Energy Storage System (ESS) Product Line

Coolisys Technologies Corp. Announces New Energy Storage System (ESS) Product Line

New ESS Provides Comprehensive Solution for Home and Small Businesses

MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 08, 2020 — Coolisys Technologies Corp. (“Coolisys”) has released the details of its new Energy Storage System (ESS) product line, that the Company believes is well-suited for homes and small commercial buildings. The new ESS solution can be coupled with Photovoltaic (“PV”) solar systems or can be used off-grid, grid-tied or as a string inverter.

The new ESS product is comprised of three major elements including a hybrid inverter to support a wide-range of deployment scenarios, a battery pack for energy storage and a data logger featuring a web-based monitoring portal. The Coolisys hybrid inverter supports a load up to 5.5kW off-grid and 7kW grid-tied. The ESS product is designed for a wide range of applications, including off-grid, self-consumption, net-metering, power backup and time-of-use optimization.

The battery pack features an energy storage system with either one cabinet that can store power of up to 12kWh or two cabinets that can store up to 24kWh. The lithium ferrite phosphate battery pack is ideal for extreme conditions including those in rural or isolated locations.

The web-based monitoring portal provides remote access for system maintenance and performance monitoring.

Coolisys’ President and CEO, Amos Kohn said, “We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new comprehensive Energy Storage System to the Coolisys product portfolio. This new solution is well-positioned to address the rapid expansion of PV solar systems for private homes and small businesses. Our ESS improves the stability and reliability of power from a renewable energy source and during grid interruptions.” Mr. Kohn concluded, “Entering the energy storage market expands the breadth of our product offerings as we continue to build on our strong reputation for delivering high-reliability power solutions designed to serve emerging markets.”

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