ACECool™ Dynamic DC Fast EV Charger

Future-proof, ultra-fast DC charging platform that grows with demand.

Powerful and Reliable Power Ranges 60kW~320kW

Coolisys ACECool™ Dynamic DC Fast Quartile EV charging system offers a variety of power sections to choose from and can adapt to various voltage levels and current levels. It offers high efficiency and high system reliability.

Customized Charging Configures and Modular Design

The modular, scalable architecture allows up to 4 charging connectors to serve each station and send up to 320 kW to a single vehicle.

Easily scale your network and earn revenue

Set custom charging fees and accept payment through credit cards and mobile pays. Choose Coolisys' revenue sharing plan and pay $0 up front cost to expand your EV Charging network.


Office Buildings
Car fleets
Commercial parking
Charging Service Providers

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