ACECool™ Single Residential Level 2 EV Charger


Coolisys ACECool™ Single Residential Level 2, 7kW EV Charger is a wall mount, compact AC charging system for Electric Vehicles(EV). It is compatible with all EVs that utilize the SAE J1772 connector, including all Tesla Models (With J1772 to Tesla Charging adapter), and can be installed in any residential house, garage, parking lot with 208-240V AC power outlet.


Plug and Charge. Easy to install on a standard 208-240v AC circuit. And plug in the 10 ft cable to your EV and start charging immediately. Compact footprint allows it be installed in any garages or driveways.


Increase property value and meet meet sustainability goals by offering EV charging services in the shared parking lot. Attract green-minded residents and meet existing residents' EV Charging needs.


Increase efficiency by providing employees the convenience of charging right by the office. Establish a green footprint on your brand. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from employees.


Up to 6x Faster Charge

7kW, 32amp smart EV charger that adds up to 25 miles of range per hour of charging with high efficiency and high system reliability.

Key Features

Coolisys ACECool™ Single Residential Level 2 7kW EV Charger has all the essential features and power that you need to charge your electric vehicles. The compact design can fit into the tightest space on any wall or garage. 4.8inch LCD Display shows real time charging status. WiFi enabled allows it to be controlled with your smart device.

7kW Power - 32Amp
208-240v Power Configuration
Universal SAE J1772 Connection
4.3” Full Color Touch Screen
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Protection Features




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