Defense Naval

Defense Naval:

We are specialists in the field of naval power conversion and distribution, with equipment installed on virtually all of the Royal Navy’s submarine and surface fleet.
We have a strong export business and our equipment is deployed on many foreign Navies, including Australia, Malaysia, Oman, Spain, Turkey and Japan.
Our latest designs support a number of current European warship programes including the S-80 submarines being built in Spain and DCN’s Scorpène-Class submarines.
In the normal course of events electrical supply is 115V AC or 440V 3-phase generated internally and distributed throughout the vessel. This will support basic functions such as entertainment and domestic lighting through to Command and Control and weapons systems. A recurring theme in our equipment is support of electrical power in emergencies (such as the loss of main ship’s power) and the need to convert that original AC supply either to a higher frequency or to DC. Below are some examples that illustrate the broad range of specifications and applications.

• Military Grade Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
• Static Frequency Converters (SFC)
• Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU)
• DC Distribution Systems with battery support
• Helicopter Starting Systems (Heli_Start)
• Submarine and Surface Ships Battery Charging Systems