Healthcare & Medical

At Coolisys Technologies, our engineers have been designing and developing power supply products for the medical industry for over 40 years. Our products have helped pave the way for advancements in a wide variety of medical applications, including surgical equipment, patient monitoring and therapy systems, patient beds and ventilators.

Coolisys medical power supplies include open frame, enclosed, fanless, and configurable models as well as external medical AC adapters and DC-DC modules. The AC-DC medical power supply units or medical DC-DC module from Coolisys comes with the backing with our broad worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Most designers nowadays elect to use standard commercially available medical power supplies or seek the help of a specialist power supply company to create a customized unit. Using power supplies that are already pre-approved to the EN60601-1 safety standard help medical device and system manufacturers speed compliance testing of their own products and minimize the risk of them encountering unexpected development problems outside their own area of expertise, which might negatively impact launch targets.